A New Type of Virtue Training

In 2004, Paul Passafiume saw the need for a new type of virtue training program for schools, parishes and sports teams.

Thus, Virtue=Strength™ was born.

The program has three pillars: Virtue, Ceremony and Catholic Identity.

It is for institutions who are interested in a structured, intentional and specific method and curriculum to help form Catholic leaders and teach virtue.

It is flexible, easy to implement and is designed for the teacher, coach or campus minister to integrate into their schedule. We can customize the program for your needs.

Together we can help your institution create a culture of virtuous leadership that our world so desperately needs.

Your Trusted Leader in Virtue Training

Strengthen Moral Character

Virtue=Strength™ works hand-in-hand with your current religious education program. It emphasizes strengthening students’ moral character by intentionally exercising one new virtue each month, reinforcing Catholicism as a way of life, and not just another class to be passed.

Each module focuses on growing in one of the Theological or Cardinal Virtues each month, with weekly slide-deck lessons that demonstrate the virtue through real-life stories of virtue-in-action, discussion questions, virtue exercises, quotes from Scripture and the saints, engaging videos, and much more.

empowers you to teach faith-in-action

Highly Customizable

Easily tailor the program to the specific needs of your school

Supplements Your Religious Education Curriculum

Incorporate virtue training into your religious education curriculum

Practice Faith-in-Action

Reinforce classroom learning with fun, virtue-based activities.

Engaging Ceremonies

Celebrate the Faith with joy-filled ceremonies like the all-campus blessing

Get Started with Virtue=